April was a busy month for us.  We were in the thick of house shopping and toying with whether or not to put our house on the market.   I hadn’t slept well the entire week of April 24th, but I attributed that to stress.  We had found a house that was for sale by owner, had made an offer on the house basically on the spot and I was stressed that someone was going to come and outbid us. A couple of things felt off that week, but again I attributed all of this to stress.

I had a friend over on April 28th, we were sitting in the kitchen table getting ready to have a glass of wine. C opened the wine & poured it in my glass to taste.  I did the smell test first and OMG I was appalled…it smelled terrible & then tasted even worse.  Ugh – couldn’t figure out why my taste buds were off.  My friend, who is a pediatrican said she knew at that point, but of course she didn’t say a word.  That night, I couldn’t sleep.  I had horrible night sweats, I tossed and turned…I just couldn’t sleep.  I kept thinking back to when I figured out I was pregnant with Little Miss M & I recall the night before the positive pregnancy test being quite similar.

So Sunday morning, I fumble in darkness into the bathroom.  C is still fast asleep as is Little Miss M.  I’m in the bathroom getting some cheap-o pregnancy tests out of the cabinet & trying to quietly take the test.  I’m barely awake, but manage to pee on the stick and wait.  Half asleep, I rub my eyes, my contacts are dry & I really can’t see much, but I think I see two lines.  I sit on the toilet for a little longer & when it becomes more clear my hearts starts racing as if it’s going to jump out of my chest.  My first thought – oh fuck – how are we going to manage everything?!  We’ve just bought a house and committed to building new.  We’re selling our house and it’s basically up to me to find us a rental.  HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO THIS?!  HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE THIS WORK?! Most importantly, HOW IS LITTLE MISS C GOING TO DEAL WITH SHARING HER PARENTS?!

I walk out of the bathroom and C is awake.  He clearly reads me really well.  He sits up in the bed and he’s like what’s wrong, are you sick, is everything okay?  I blurt out I’m pregnant & he’s like ooooooookay – that’s great! Be happy, be excited!  We’re going to have another baby, this is what we wanted.  His reaction totally explains our relationship. Something happens and usually it’s me freaking out and him telling me that everything is going to be great.

Fast forward to today – July 30th. I’m 16w6d and feeling pretty good. The first few weeks were rough. I had a lot of nausea that seemed to hit at random parts of the day, BUT that has all subsided.

We still need to explain to Little Miss M that she’s going to be a big sister to her younger sister Zoe!! I hope she’s as excited as we are.

How have you told your older child about a sibling on the way and how did it go??

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