We’re Doing This!

Preface: We have been searching for a house since mid Feb.  We’ve gone back and forth on renovating because we live in such an awesome house, building what we actually want or buying a house in the same city.  We love where we live, it’s an awesome community.  You can literally park your car at home and walk everywhere you’d want to go.  Our city has super high demand right now and literally no supply.  It’s definitely a seller’s market.  We had been looking at houses, but hadn’t found anything to fit the bill.  We’d also toyed with the idea of building, but similar to finding a house in our city, we also could not find a lot…..UNTIL

On Monday, April 24th, Little Miss M was in the bed and C went for a walk.  He texted me shortly after he left the house & said hey there’s a very little house right down the street that’s for sale by owner, the lot is absolutely massive at least 2 times the size of ours.  I texted back – GO GET THE NUMBER SO I CAN CALL THEM NOW!  Yes in all caps!  Because FINALLY there was an opportunity for us to buy a home, tear it down and build our dream home.  As soon as I got the number, I called the sellers & got a google voicemail.  I left a message around 7 PM and then fretted for a few hours in hopes that they would call me back, that they hadn’t received millions of calls and request to see the house then sell the house.  By 10PM I had given up, things hadn’t worked out so far – we had made 2 offers on 2 houses and were outbid on both so why wouldn’t this be exactly the same?

Tuesday morning rolls around, I’m sitting at my desk & I get a text from the sellers that says “Hey this is Amanda – you called about the house.  If you’re interested in seeing it please let me know.” I immediately text back & ask to see it that same day right after work.  I call my realtor up and let her know that we’ve found this FSBO property & we want her to come to our house before the showing so we can go with an offer in hand.  I mean we are serious – SUPER serious about this place.  It’s, for real, 6 houses down from ours.  So off we go to view the house – 2 bedroom/1 bathroom + office, approximately 900 square feet.  It’s been nicely renovated on the inside which doesn’t really matter much to us, but we still walk around and view it just like we would a regular house.  We then go into the backyard and we’re both in HEAVEN!  It’s beautiful, MASSIVE, there’s a little house in the back that’s used as a workshop/exercise room.  C and I are both already dreaming of what we could do on this land.  The sellers are outside with their dog while we do the tour & we tell our agent – alright we’re going all in – full price offer we will pay closing costs.  The sellers had previously advised over text that they were negotiable on their price, but we know how hot our market it so it didn’t matter to us – we were giving them exactly what they asked for as it was well within our budget.

As we’re telling them that we’re writing up a full price offer they are almost in tears as they didn’t expect to get anywhere close.  They asked if they could rent back from us as they hadn’t found a place to go yet & if we could keep the rent consistent to their mortgage.  We agreed & then finally they asked to “sleep on it” overnight – also not a problem.

Wednesday morning arrives, I’m at work, waiting on a call from my agent stating that they’ve either accepted or declined our offer.  First call comes in around 7:45 AM with a question from the sellers on what happens if our loan interest rate goes up – would we charge them more rent – answer that with no & of course I’m telling my agent to tell them to just SIGN THE PAPERWORK!!!!!  Next question around 11 AM – will we allow them to keep the dog in the house (the standard realtor occupancy contract says no animals), YES OF COURSE, SIGN THE PAPERWORK! By 12 PM still no answer yes or no and I’m almost flipping out cause well if you know me in real life, you know I’m SUPER impatient.  Just at 2 PM my agent calls to say YOU’RE UNDER CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously I’m ecstatic, I immediately call C and let him know it’s a done deal!  It’s happened…it’s REAL!  We close on the house on May 31st, 2017 and then they will rent from us for up to 90 days while they find a place.  It’s real….FINALLY!  Next steps…..

  • Talk with builders
  • Put our house on the market
  • Move into an apartment
  • Wait for new house to be complete

We have so much going on at once, but we’re excited that we are finally working towards building our dream home!


  1. Channing

    May 1, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Very exciting! Congrats on your new home. Lots of changes on the horizon, but I can tell you’re over the moon about it. What a wonderful place to be!

  2. Katherine

    June 29, 2017 at 2:58 pm

    Wow! That is so exciting! Looks like I’m behind on your posts but I’m excited to see how your house turns out!

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