Feeding Little Miss M

Feeding toddlers is complicated. I swear to you on a daily basis that my child’s likes and dislikes change. At lunch she loves chicken and at dinner she’s like hey lady why the hell are you feeding me chicken again?! It’s mind boggling. 

Anywho! We ask our au pair to make one big meal for Little Miss M to have all week which is usually her “hot” meal of the day at lunch time. This week we’re toying around with beef. 

Yesterday for dinner Little Miss M had medium filet mignon, chopped baby tomatoes and blackberries as her dessert. She LOVED every bit of it to the point that she had two servings of steak and tomatoes (definitely her mothers’ doppelgänger). 

Today I had our au pair make Little Miss M some meatloaf muffins for the week with oven roasted potatoes. 

The meatloaf muffins were a hit! Little Miss M DEVOURED them in no time and kept saying more more more! 

Tonight for dinner I went back to one of her favorites. Baked chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, blackberries and veggie straws. I could barely get the kid to eat anything on her plate. There was more playing than eating tonight. Finally I gave in…there was food EVERYWHERE, except in her mouth or her belly where it was supposed to be. (Sigh) 

Little Miss M is generally a very good eater. She’s an even better eater when she’s eating off of someone else’s plate. (Rewd hahahahaha) Now that she’s being a bit high maintenance I guess we’ll stick to beef, veggies and fruits. My guess is next week she’ll have moved on to something else and will hate beef. 

What’s on your toddler’s plate?

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