Father’s Day 2017!

We’ve been a super busy little family over here. In the past few weeks we:

  • Bought a house
  • Sold our house
  • Signed a contractor with a design and build firm to build the house of our dreams
  • Packed up the house
  • Hired a moving agency
  • Rented a POD
  • Rented another house to live in while we build

In a few weeks we’ll be moving out of our house where we brought our first daughter home and into a rental where we’ll be for the next 9 ish months while the house is built.

C has been nothing short of amazing in the last few weeks. I wanted to do something AWESOME for him for Father’s Day, but the move put a huge damper on my plan. I had planned a boys weekend away for him and his friends with the help of his friend’s wives! It was great! But because we’re adding the move to the mix, it’s just not possible. Ultimately I will still give him this as a gift, BUT he’ll have to take it a little later in the year.

C and his friends are huge beer connoisseurs so we thought a nice weekend trip to Asheville would be awesome for the 4 of them. I’m super excited to surprise him with this trip as he really needs a break. He’s been carrying a ton of weight on his shoulders recently with the move.

What are you doing this year for Father’s Day?

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